Wilton Manors Contributes to Strong LGBTI Presence in Government

Wilton Manors
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Imagine a world run by the LGBTI population. In Wilton Manors, that scenario is a reality. According to Joe Morgan at Gay Star News, the entire city is currently run by gay, trans, and bisexual individuals. The LGBTI presence in government is greater than ever.

Prior to the November elections, the LGBTI population only accounted for a majority of the local government. However, the only heterosexual commissioner lost his attempt at re-election. There were two seats available, but the former commissioner lost his chance at both seats. Gary Resnick and Paul Rolli, both representatives of the local gay community, won the seats. Justin Flippen, also openly gay, won the race for mayor.

With such a strong LGBTI presence in government, Wilton Manors is working its way towards becoming one of the gayest cities in the United States. Although it’s not the only city to have an all-LGBTI government, it’s one of a few. Palm Springs was the first city to attain such a status.

Wilton Manors wasn’t the only city to fly the rainbow flag during the midterm elections. In fact, more than 100 people who identify as LGBTI secured public office positions in the election. According to GLAAD, eight LGBTI individuals won federal seats. Meanwhile, 86 LGBTI individuals won state office seats. On the local level, LGBTI individuals filled 34 seats.

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