It’s no secret that traffic in Sarasota isn’t pleasant. But talks of alternate transportation could change that. There is a plan in motion to launch a water taxi service in Sarasota. According to the Herald Tribune, Sarasota will be doing a feasibility study on possible locations for the taxi service.

The study will be done by a third party firm. In the study, the firm will look at the best places for the operation and docking of the taxi service. They will also consider which size vessel would be appropriate for the service.

After a 3-2 vote, the city decided to pay the $108,000 for the study. The two commissioners who disagreed with funding the study stated that it was too expensive. Commissioner Hagen Brody said the private sector would be more appropriate for finding potential taxi locations.

There is no guarantee that the water taxi would limit traffic on the roads. In fact, Commissioner Brody does not believe it will help. Mayor Liz Alpert believes otherwise. She stated “…if we take even some cars off of the road because they decide they are going to travel around this way, I think it goes a long way toward what we need.”

There are a few potential sites, according to the chief transportation planner of Sarasota. Possible locations include St. Armand’s Circle, O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill, and Ken Thompson Park.

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