Virgin Brings Bicoastal Trains, Planes, Cruise Ships & Hotels to Florida

Virgin Florida

Virgin has a huge presence in Florida, and the company has no plans to slow down its growth in the sunshine state.

Orlando has long housed a Virgin record store near Downtown Disney. Virgin also sends many on packaged vacations to Florida, or flies them in on Virgin Airlines.  

Virgin isn’t just focusing on tourists, however.  The company aims to support in-state travel as well. Virgin recently purchased Brightline, a high speed rail in South Florida, and plans to rebrand it as their own.  

Construction has begun, connecting South Florida with other areas in the state, with possible stop additions to include Disney, Tampa and Orlando International Airport.  

However, Virgin isn’t the main investor in this project, with the majority still owned by Fortress Investment Group.  

This new project appears to compete with Virgin’s Hyperloop project. The Hyperloop would move between Miami and Orlando in only thirty minutes.   

It’s believed that the rebranded Brightline train would transport people and the Hyperloop would primarily transport cargo.  In fact, Virgin Hyperloop One’s primary shareholder is DP World, a cargo logistics corporation.  

In addition, Virgin Voyages plans to embark from Port of Miami with its Scarlett Lady.  This unique cruise would be only for adults and offer drag shows, contemporary design and tattoo parlors.

Finally, Virgin is also opening a new hotel chain featuring no surprise fees and safer accommodations for women.  

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