Tupperware HQ Also a Tribute to Women in Business

Tupperware Confidence Center
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Visiting the headquarters office for Tupperware might be the last thing on many people’s minds when they visit the Orlando area, but there’s actually a unique visitor center inside. It’s called the Tupperware Brands Confidence Center, reflecting the company’s sales focus on using personal endorsements. It’s open to the public Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Of course it features a colorful trip down memory lane of all things regarding food storage. But it also highlights the history of direct selling — the original Tupperware party — and a tribute to one of America’s first famous women in business, Brownie Wise.

Wise was a star salesperson for the company, helping make the founder Earl Tupper a success as she pioneered a new approach to home party sales. She’s credited with empowering many women to become entrepreneurs. As a divorced mother in the 1950s, she became the general manager of Tupperware’s Home Party Sales division. (Sandra Bullock was tapped in 2014 to play Wise in a movie, but few details have emerged.)

Wise and Tupperware parted ways in 1958, but the Confidence Center sort of brought her back. The center shows off an original machine that molded the plastic Tupperware, themes of past annual parties held for salespeople at the headquarters and details about the public company’s current sales force, which is mostly international.

Tupperware has been a major landowner in the Kissimmee area around Lake Tohopekaliga for years, since it bought a sprawling 1,300 acres in 1953. Only recently has major development moved that far out of the Orlando metro area — about 14 miles. The location now has its own Tupperware Station stop on the SunRail commuter line.

A new park on an island in Lake Tohopekaliga is named after Wise recently opened nearby. Wise lived on the shores of the lake until she died in 1992 at the age of 79.

The Tupperware headquarters and museum is at 14901 S. Orange Blossom Trail. Call 1-800 TUPPERWARE (887-7379) for more information.

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Written by Paul Brinkmann

Paul Brinkmann is an experienced journalist who has covered business, environment and community news in Florida for over ten years. He's broken major stories about fraud, new companies moving to Florida and development around Orlando's theme parks. He also covered community response to the Pulse nightclub shooting and appeared on several national news outlets in the aftermath of the shooting. He's originally from St. Louis, Missouri.

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