True Life Love Story: Love and Furniture in St. Petersburg

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Love stories don’t only happen in the movies. When Nathalie met Haley Pryor, it was love at first sight. But there is so much more to their love story than the first time they met. It’s a story about building a life together.

The Road to Love

Nathalie is originally from The Netherlands. However, she spent her whole life traveling the world. Eventually, she made her way to the US. She spent five years living in the Midwest before deciding to relocate. After a friend invited her to Tampa in 2017, Nathalie decided it was time to visit Florida.

Meanwhile, Haley was from Georgia. Although she spent some time traveling, she moved to St. Petersburg and spent several years enjoying the area. The same friend that invited Nathalie to Tampa was friends with Haley. Her and her wife decided to bring the two women together.

And a Facebook love story ensued. Upon the couple’s suggestion, Haley friend requested Nathalie. It wasn’t long before the two realized how much they had in common. In fact, Nathalie was amazed at how easy everything was with Haley.

The Beginning of a Love Story

Everything seemed right for Haley and Nathalie. Both women are artists and both enjoy living an active lifestyle. Their love of travel also brought them together. Furthermore, they each had a clear vision of their future.

After spending two weeks emailing, texting, and video calling, the women decided to meet. They had a lot in common, yet still weren’t sure if the chemistry would be there in-person. But they had nothing to worry about. After meeting, Haley and Nathalie knew that the chemistry was perfect. The timing was right, and they belonged in each other’s lives.

In fact, the women considered themselves soul mates. So it wasn’t long before Nathalie decided to move to Florida and sold her home. In the stereotypical lesbian way, Haley helped U-Haul all of Nathalie’s belongings to St. Petersburg.

For more than a year, the couple has been together and thriving. One day, they hope to get married. For now, they’re focusing on their relationship and making it through life together.

A table custom-made by Haley and Nathalie.

Mixing Business and Pleasure Together

Haley worked as a mixed media artist for close to 20 years. With a master’s degree in fine arts, Nathalie is also passionate about art. She is also a mixed media artist and has made international sales. However, Nathalie feels that her relationship with Haley elevated her artwork to a new level.

Nathalie and Haley started a painting company together. But their professional work doesn’t end with painting. They also make furniture together. Before meeting Nathalie, Haley made rustic furniture. Her work was enough to inspire Nathalie to work on her own designs. Together, the couple decided to combine forces and make and sell handmade furniture.

Everything they make is original, and some of their work is custom-made.  Additionally, it’s all made of reclaimed hardwood and salvaged materials. Although their furniture is artistic, it’s also sturdy and functional.

The women complement each other well. While Haley jumps right into projects, Nathalie takes more time to plan. They also have two different artistic styles. However, it all melds together well.

Their furniture is available for sale at the Vintage Sunshine Shop, a locally-owned shop. Located in Clearwater FL, the shop has plenty of vintage goods available.

Happily Ever After

In this love story, Nathalie and Haley balance their work and pleasure together perfectly. Despite spending much time together, each woman maintains her own identity. As a couple, they are passionate, inspired, and happy.

If you want to check out their work, you can visit their Facebook page here. You can also check out their work on Instagram here.

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