Trial of Pulse Shooter’s Widow Begins


Last week, Noor Salman’s trial began, reports Jacob Ogles for The Advocate. Salman is being tried for aiding a terrorist and obstructing justice. Prosecutors allege that she knew her husband, Omar Mateen, intended to carry out an attack on the Pulse Nightclub on June 11, 2016.

The prosecution opened their argument with emotional testimonies from Pulse survivors, who had gone to the club to spend time with friends and enjoy Pulse’s Latin Night. Bobby Rodriguez discussed how she “played dead” in a bathroom for three hours.

Nelson Rodriguez said he felt sure he “was going to die that night.” He remembered escaping over the patio fence, calling 911, and calling his and a friend’s partners to let them know they were alive. Rodriguez lost several friends that night.

Salman’s defense stated that they will not cross-examine any of the survivors. Said defense attorney Fritz Scheller, “we don’t want to prolong their agony.”

The defense maintains that Salman had no knowledge of Mateen’s plans, and pointed to a lack of evidence that she shared her husband’s radicalized views.

The prosecution also submitted 911 calls made from inside the club, as well as bodycam videos from first responders. Susan Clary, a spokesperson for the Salman family, stated that the video horrified her, and her thoughts are with the survivors and families who lost loved ones.

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Written by Audrey Pitcher

Audrey Pitcher is a Media and Communications Studies major at Ursinus College. Ve is a board member of the Ursinus Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Ve also works as a writing fellow in the Center for Writing and Speaking, where ve helps fellow students improve their writing skills. Audrey was recently featured at Ursinus' Celebration Of Student Achievement for an essay on the mapping of femininity onto gay men in late 20th century theater.

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