The popular medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” will feature Candis Cayne in multiple episodes in Season 14, reports Lesley Goldberg for The Hollywood Reporter. Cayne, a transgender actress who has appeared in “Transparent,” “The Magicians,” and “Heartbeat,” will play a transgender character who comes to the hospital for a new form of vaginoplasty.

The procedure itself is based on an article the show’s writers read about a similar procedure created at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai. Dr. Jess Ting, director of surgery at the center, worked together with trans woman Hayley Anthony to create the procedure. This new form of surgery takes tissue from the patient’s peritoneum in their abdominal cavity to construct the vagina, and creates genitals that can secrete fluids and perform all the expected functions of a vagina.

Anthony became one of the first patients to have this procedure, and Cayne’s character is based off of her. However, she’s not the first transgender character on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Currently, trans actor Alex Blue Davis plays intern Dr. Casey Parker on the show.

Said Davis, “I’ve been waiting for a moment like this on TV my whole life. I am so honored I got to say that line on TV because it’s a long time coming.”

Hopefully, Cayne’s role will continue to break boundaries. It seems like she–and her character–are in good hands.

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For more information on the vaginoplasty that inspired this story arc, see this Wired article.