The Worst Cities in Florida: Where Not to Go

Florida has some of the best cities in the country. With great vacation spots like Tampa and Naples, Florida is the place to visit. However, the state also has its share of places you should avoid. Find out the worst cities in Florida, according to a USA Today article.

1. Beverly Hills

When most people think of Beverly Hills, they think of expensive houses and celebrities. But there’s a Beverly Hills in Florida that doesn’t live up to the name. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Beverly Hills, FL has a median home value of only $63,400 and a poverty rate of 32.9 percent.

2. Belle Glade

In Belle Glade, the poverty rate is even higher than Beverly Hills. The city has a 39.1 percent poverty rate and a low household income. Unfortunately, the lack of employment makes it difficult for people to earn a living. The unemployment rate is almost twice the national average.

3. Immokalee

If you’ve been to Naples on vacation, you probably didn’t visit Immokalee. Located just east of Naples, Immokalee is a small city. But don’t let its proximity to Naples fool you. This city is the opposite of opulent Naples. With a poverty rate of 43.4 percent, Immokalee is not the ideal place to live or visit. In addition to dealing with low income, residents need to deal with limited access to grocery stores.

Although you might want to avoid visiting the worst cities in Florida, there are plenty of other places you should consider making your next vacation destination. Places like Naples are ideal vacation destinations.

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