The LGBTQ Travel Guide To DeLand

Deland Athens Theatre
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Popular gay-friendly Florida destinations often include Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, or Miami, but one underrated destination you can’t ignore is DeLand. Considered the Athens of Florida, this gay-friendly city has a lot in store. Explore our LGBTQ Travel Guide to DeLand to find out which LGBTQ business to visit and events to attend during your stay!

In the United States, Florida has the tenth highest population of LGBTQ-identifying people. While Florida is often in the news on LGBTQ topics, it is still one of the hottest places to be for LGBTQ tourists. DeLand is one of the many destination that continues to grow in terms of inclusion.


A Brief Background Of DeLand

DeLand, Florida is between Orlando and Daytona Beach. Its stately red-brick buildings and Greco-Roman architecture are what give it its nickname of “Athens of Florida.”

Art lovers will enjoy what DeLand has to offer. In particular, its Museum of Art has impressive collections by renowned artists Gary Erbe, Richard Segalman, Purvis Young, and more.

Adventurers will also have a lot in store for them, as DeLand is home to some of Florida’s most stunning lakes and hot springs. At the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, tourists can enjoy an immersive wildlife experience and go canoeing or kayaking.

How LGBT-Friendly Is DeLand?

While DeLand’s sense of community has always been tight-knit, its first major LGBTQ organization, DeLand Pride, was founded only in 2016 and has since garnered hundreds of members. In collaboration with independent pride group Collective Cares DeLand, DeLand Pride provides resources for adults and youths.

Families with LGBTQ children can enroll their children in the monthly Dreka Theater coffee social, where kids can join open discussions with trained coordinators. Advocates and allies can also participate in regular food drives and fundraisers by DeLand Pride, whether or not they are Florida residents.

Where To Stay

Before you dive into the best of what LGBTQ DeLand has to offer, you’ll first have to book your stay. Here are a few options for LGBT-friendly accommodation for all budgets.

Courtyard DeLand Historic Downtown

Most people who visit DeLand want a taste of its historic side. If you’re one of them, book a room at the Courtyard DeLand Historic Downtown, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Athens Theatre. If you have a lot on your to-do list, make sure to visit Mainstreet DeLand, SkyDive DeLand, and other must-see destinations. 

After a night out at the Abbey Bar or Cafe DaVinci, hotel guests can enjoy all-American cuisine for dinner or even a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool.

Hampton Inn & Suites

Early risers who want to get ahead of the day will love the Hampton Inn and Suites for its scrumptious free breakfast selection. Its central location makes everything accessible, so you’ll always make it to your LGBTQ events on time. Plus, if you get a little lost, you can depend on the Hampton’s famously friendly staff to get you where you need to be! 

The DeLand Hotel

The DeLand Hotel is a popular travel choice, being so close to the city’s best attractions. A few nearby restaurants serve Mexican cuisine for eaters who like a little bit of spice.

If you’re looking to take a peek at DeLand’s historical landmarks, the DeLand Hotel is technically one of them – it’s both charming and nostalgic!

Artisan Downtown

For travelers who love a boutique feel, the Artisan Downtown is the place to be. Modern yet heirloom-themed, the Artisan Downtown is perfectly Instagram-worthy and is also right next to some of DeLand’s most in-demand bars and restaurants.

After ticking off your day’s LGBTQ itinerary, you can grab a bite at the Chica’s restaurant and indulge in some of the hotel’s luxury amenities.

Hontoon Landing Resort & Marina

Are you looking for a room with a view? If so, the Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina provides a spectacular one of the St. Johns River, which lies directly across the Hontoon Island State Park. If you prefer to prepare your own meals, most of its rooms come equipped with a kitchen. 

Wildlife lovers will likely want to take tours of the nearby wildlife parks – just schedule with the Heritage River Tour.


Where To Eat

With all those LGBTQ+ events on your itinerary, you’re bound to get hungry at some point! Keep these DeLand restaurants in mind when your stomach starts to grumble.

DeLand Fish House

Run by a legitimate fisherman, DeLand Fish House serves some of the most authentic seafood you’ll find in Florida. Everything is fresh, well-portioned, and affordable – perfect for the whole family. 

The Table Restaurant

This Southern-style restaurant is one of the largest in DeLand and is famed for its delicious chicken pot pie. It’s perfect for brunch, complete with excellent views from its outdoor patio.

Half Wall DeLand

If you love an early happy hour, grab a pint with your meal at the Half Wall DeLand. Along with your bar chow, you can catch whatever game is screening and get to know other sports fans!

Cress Restaurant

Located in historic Downtown DeLand, Cress serves delicious, globally-renowned meals using the best sustainable ingredients. Winning the Best Overall Restaurant at the 22nd Annual Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards, Cress features globally-inspired seasonal ingredients and supports local farmers.

Old Spanish Sugar Mill

Once a sugar plantation in the 1900s, the Old Spanish Sugar Mill has to be the most picturesque pancake destination not only in DeLand but in all of Florida. There is no more scenic place to have breakfast than at this location.


If you’re a sucker for fresh, organic-made dishes, BakeChop is one for the books. You’ll be surprised by how juicy and delicious its free-range chicken dishes are but will be even more blown away by the homemade dessert menu. 

New York Bagel & Deli

Get a taste of the big city at New York Bagel and Deli where freshly-baked bagels and sandwiches make it to your plate every day. You’ll be licking your fingers after annihilating its delicious hot and cold sandwiches, made with familiar NYC ingredients like roast beef and turkey.

Gay-Friendly Bars

When in DeLand, you can’t miss out on its dive bars. The good news is, LGBT-friendly dive bars in DeLand are everywhere – one of them is even home to DeLand Pride!

Cafe DaVinci

Often the location of some of DeLand’s most prominent LGBTQ events, Cafe DaVinci is a diverse, welcoming, and highly frequented dive bar. Don’t be surprised if you run into some of DeLand’s most flamboyant personalities at its weekly drag show Pride Night, hosted by Aaliyah Nouveau. 

Abbey Bar

Without a brick-and-mortar location yet, DeLand Pride is proud to call Abbey Bar home. This premier craft beer hotspot in West Volusia County hosts many of DeLand’s most popular LGBTQ+ events, like Love is Love Week, Drag Bingo, and the Pride Pub Crawl.

Not to mention, it has the most impressive collection of beer, wine, and mead served by Cicerone-certified bartenders.

Artisan Alley

This vibrant marketplace with over 80 vendors occasionally hosts some of DeLand’s most popular LGBTQ events. Come at the right time, and you can witness the Love is Love Pride Fest, where community members come dressed in what makes them feel most like themselves!

After that, you can enjoy a delicious meal at any of Artisan Alley’s stalls and shop for unique finds you won’t see anywhere else.

LGBT-Centric Events

For a small city, DeLand has a lot of big events in store for tourists and locals alike. Depending on when you choose to travel to DeLand, here are a few LGBT-focused events you can enjoy. 

DeLand Pride

DeLand’s most significant LGBTQ event is the Love is Love Pride Fest, an annual event that celebrates community members from all walks of life. This family-friendly pride event has something in store for everyone – there are youth activities, an open mic, live music, a car parade, and a comedy show. 

DeLand Pride Pageant

Happening yearly at the Dreka Theater is the DeLand Pride Pageant, which crowns a king and queen to represent DeLand at community events across Florida. The pageant comprises three categories, the first being a creative costume presentation based on the year’s theme. Then, contestants will present their formal wear and be part of a talent show.

Drag Bingo

This is another Abbey Bar favorite. Drag Bingo is hosted by drag favorite Aaliyah Nouveau, with guests like Ginger Beer, Kirk DaVinci, Crystal Vahz, Twisted T, and more. Accompanying the bingo fest is a night chock-full of drag performances and an extended happy hour of delectable cocktails.

Rainbow Cook-Off

If you consider yourself a star in the kitchen, there is no better event for you in DeLand than the Rainbow Cook-Off! Every year, only six chefs qualify for the cook-off and are tasked to come up with a signature dish based on every color of the rainbow. Even if you don’t reign supreme, you’ll at least get to enjoy dishes outside of your comfort zone!

DeLand Pride Meet And Greet

Do you run a business in Florida and have DeLand as part of your business itinerary? If so, attending the DeLand Pride Meet and Greet is an excellent way to network and get to know local business owners.

After the formalities, you can enjoy handcrafted martinis during happy hour and indulge in one of the most delicious tapas menus you’ll find in Florida!

Pride Night

Meet any LGBTQ regular at Cafe DaVinci, and they’ll recommend you return on Pride Night! Happening every Tuesday, Pride Night welcomes some of the biggest LGBTQ DeLand personalities, like Coco Gavalli, Simply Ocean, Orusha San Miguel, and more for an exciting dress-up gathering. 

For Disney enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss out on Disney in DeLand, an all-time Pride Night favorite.

Rainbow Bowling League

Those traveling in LGBTQ groups can try their hand at the Rainbow Bowling League, which occurs seasonally during DeLand Pride. Win cash prizes and trophies with your team of four – all while celebrating diversity, making new friends, and enjoying a bit of family-friendly fun!


Regular Events

DeLand is also home to some of Florida’s most well-loved non-LGBTQ events that definitely belong on your itinerary. Give these ones a try!

DeLand Craft Beer Festival

For 15 years, the DeLand Craft Beer Festival has been one of the most-awaited annual events in Florida. For just a few dollars, you can sample over 200 craft beers while witnessing DeLand’s best live music. Sponsored by big names like the Sugar Works Distillery, Florida Beer Co, and Big Storm Brewing Co, you can expect only the most refreshing and delicious beers at this well-loved festival.

St. Johns River Eco Tour

Outdoor lovers have to go on the St. Johns River Eco Tour and behold some of Florida’s most famous wildlife. Snap stunning photographs of a variety of owls, ducks, swallows, and snakes (if you’re brave enough. On top of its daily nature tours, you can also attend seasonal birding tours, photography tours, and limited excursions.

Stetson Mansion Tour

The only Gilded Age mansion in Florida, the Stetson Mansion is something you have to see to believe. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time beholding its antique architecture and impressive systems. You can even host wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other special events at this stunning piece of history.

The Bottom Line

While DeLand probably won’t be your first thought when you think about gay Florida, this quaint, historic city has more in store for its LGBTQ visitors than you’d anticipate!

Do you want to add more to your Florida checklist? Check out the rest of OutCoast to see what the Sunshine State has to offer!

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Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. We hope that nobody experiences discrimination or homophobia while visiting Florida, but we make no guarantees. Please inform us if you experience discrimination or homophobia while visiting any destination so we can make updates to our recommendations.

Written by Rachel Covello

Rachel Covello is an award-winning speaker, writer, diversity consultant, and LGBT advocate. She is the Founder of LGBT Equality Alliance, a Chester County, PA nonprofit organization, and CEO of OUTCOAST, an online marketing and concierge platform marketing the Gulf Coast as an LGBTQ-inclusive place to VISIT, CELEBRATE, and LIVE.

Rachel is also an avid event photographer and has captured photos for LGBT organizations around the world, including the IGLTA, NGLCC, NLGJA, and Out & Equal.

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