Tampa Ranks as One of the Best Cities for LGBTQ Seniors

According to SeniorAdvice.com, LGBT seniors have a lot to love about Tampa. The senior housing referral service ranked the most gay-friendly cities for retirement in 2019. Coming in at 10th on the list, Tampa outperformed many other cities. It may be one of the best cities for LGBTQ seniors.

For three years in a row, the website has showcased cities throughout the US. When compiling this year’s list, SeniorAdvice.com took several factors into account. They considered the following:

  • Percentage of LGBTQ individuals in the city
  • Cost of living
  • Social activities
  • LGBTQ presence in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Options for gay-friendly senior communities
  • Amount of hospitals and pharmacies
  • HRCF ranking for equality
  • Quality of the healthcare options
  • LGBTQ laws
  • Special SeniorAdvice.com ranking that measures livability

It should come as no surprise that Tampa ranked so highly. With such beautiful beaches, the area is ideal for those wanting to retire and relax. Socially, the city has a lot to offer. There are LGBTQ-focused meet-ups, as well as activities for those with many other interests. In Tampa, the active LGBT community makes it easy to be out, proud, and happy.

Tampa wasn’t the only Florida city to appear on the list. For instance, West Palm Beach ranked second among all cities. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale wasn’t far behind at number seven.

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