I love my gay son sign.

State Representative David Richardson recently introduced a ban conversion therapy to the legislature, reported Billy Manes at Watermark Online. House Bill 273 would prohibit the therapy designed to turn LGBTQ+ individuals straight from being used on minors.

Richardson, who identifies as gay, found that his attempts to ban conversion therapy were met with a lot of resistance at the state level, so he took his argument to the municipal level instead. After he persuaded Miami Beach to institute a ban, Miami and North Bay Village did the same.

According to an online statement by Richardson, the entirety of House District 113 has now issued municipal bans on conversion therapy.

However, Richardson admits that a statewide ban is likely still far-off. While the Obama administration decried the use of conversion therapy, many states did not follow suit.

Still, Richardson hasn’t given up. Instead, he is looking into the possibility of splitting legislative action into three parts that might be easier to pass, although some LGBTQ+ groups have criticized the idea.

According to Richardson, “We’re not getting anywhere. It’s been the same fight for 10 years. I’m a person who is willing to take something over nothing as long as it doesn’t go against my core values.”

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