It’s no secret that seeing a chiropractor can relieve physical pain, but the Haitian-born chiropractor offers relief for more than just physical ailments. He also offers support to those who are in need. Recently, he donated $50 each to five deserving single mothers.

Dr. Joubert Desulme treats patients at Welcome Home Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Located in downtown St. Petersburg on Central Avenue, the practice treats people from all walks of life. A graduate of the University of South Florida and the Parker College of Chiropractic in Texas, Dr. Desulme uses chiropractic techniques to treat ailments and to prevent future health issues.

Although his degrees in Anatomy, Health and Wellness along with Chiropractic Care provide the skills needed to do his job, his passion for helping others and his dedication to the community make him stand out.

Making a Difference

Although many people associate chiropractic treatment with healing injuries, Dr. Desulme believes that it’s about much more than that. When he graduated from high school, he was in a car accident that opened his eyes to the emotional benefit of chiropractic treatment. He felt as if the doctor truly cared about him, and that made all the difference.

Today, Dr. Desulme aims to give his patients that same feeling. By treating his patients with compassion, he aims to help the local community take care of their bodies and minds. In addition to improving their physical pain, he aims to ease their mental pain. He uses his practice to educate people about living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Dr. Desulme is also very passionate about pediatric care, a group that isn’t often associated with chiropractic wellness. He feels prevention is key to living the optimum life, so families should start at the beginning of the life cycle to keep the human body in tact. His total wellness focus encompasses a variety of techniques to care for body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Desulme adjust a child in his Central Ave office. Image provided by Welcome Home Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center PLLC

LGBTQ Support

Dr. Desulme is no stranger to the LGBTQ community. Only a short distance away from the office is the heart of the gayborhood. As a gay-friendly chiropractor in St. Petersburg, the doctor welcomes LGBTQ individuals. He plans on participating in upcoming pride festivals. Furthermore, he has goals of supporting local organizations.

“It is not about how much you are making, it’s about how many people you are helping,” says Dr. Desulme. “Dr. Jim Parker’s quote says it best. ‘Develop a compassion to serve that is greater than a compulsion to survive.'” This is a motto by which Dr. Desulme lives.

Welcome Home Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center is located at 3775 Central Avenue Suite B in St. Petersburg. You can find out more about the practice here.