Compromise Places St. Pete Pride Celebration at Two Different Locations

St. Pete Pride

The annual St. Pete Pride Parade will change location this year from Grand Central to Bayshore Drive, reported Charlie Frago in the Tampa Bay Times. However, the pride celebration’s other events will still take place in Grand Central.

The initial announcement of the celebration’s move garnered outrage, with some claiming the parade was abandoning its original neighborhood. Mayor Kriseman threatened to withhold the city’s $45,000 worth of security for the parade.

Kriseman helped to organize the compromise, which includes holding the parade along the waterfront and the food, music, vendors, and other attractions in Grand Central. He has also restored much of the parade’s security funding.

Kevin King, Kriseman’s chief of staff, stated, “I think everyone is in a happy place right now.”

Pride officials cited the waterfront’s larger amount of space and shade as reasons behind the move. They also felt that a location bordered by water on one side would be easier to secure, and expressed concern about recent terrorist attacks.

Last year, the parade attracted 220,000 people and generated $22.3 million dollars for the area.

This year’s parade will be held on June 24th.

Read the Tampa Bay Times article here.

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