Sarasota protestors demanded that Donald Trump release his tax returns as they marched across the Ringling Bridge on April 15, reports Jessica de Leon in the Bradenton Herald.

The estimated 1,600 Truth Matters demonstrators in Sarasota, along with a multitude of others across the country and even internationally, took advantage of Tax Day to protest the Trump administration’s lack of transparency.

Protestor and North Port resident Nancy Lefeblore expressed her concerns about the issue. “He’s just not doing anything to make us trust him. I don’t know if that is his game plan, perhaps. Have we lost our democracy? Big money owns us. Big money owns Congress.”

Dr. Doreen Dupont helped organize the Sarasota march and urged Sarasota Congressman Vern Buchanan and other government officials to put pressure on Trump to release his income tax returns.

“We have to see what he is doing because is he fit to be the president? He doesn’t divest, so how can he make decisions that are in our best interests (and) not in the interests of his businesses. It’s impossible, he’s a human being,” insisted Dupont.

Protestors John Kelley and Jeff Holloway expressed concern about other issues as well. “I think he should go to Congress for approval to shoot Tomahawk missiles,” Kelley said.

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