Pirate-Themed Hotel to be the Newest Addition to Legoland


In its current state, Legoland Florida draws a major crowd. But a newest addition to Legoland could make the amusement park even more appealing. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the popular tourist destination will feature a pirate-themed hotel. The building could make a Legoland vacation even more fun.

On January 21, the park announced that they will build a third hotel at the Legoland Florida Resort. To be known as the Pirate Island Hotel, the new addition will embody the pirate lifestyle. The rooms will have LEGO treasure chests and boat-shaped bunkbeds.

In addition to featuring pirate-themed rooms, the hotel will also have a restaurant that celebrates the theme of pirates. There will also be a child-friendly area and LEGO play areas. For the older crowd, there will be a lobby bar and nightly programs.

The hotel will have its own heated pool with a pool deck. As you might expect, it will also have LEGO models on display and live characters walking the grounds. The front of the hotel will feature a large pirate ship.

This is only one of the many new changes planned for the park. In April, the park will show plans for their Lego Movie World hotel rooms. Those rooms will be available at the current hotel. However, none of the changes are immediate. The Pirate Island Hotel will not be ready until about 2020.

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