OUTCOAST Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Who is an OUTCOAST Ambassador?

An OUTCOAST Ambassador is a person excited about promoting OUTCOAST and its services to friends, family, influencers, and marketing decision makers to help us spread the brand worldwide. Ambassadors receive a unique experience, cash for their successful activity, and an opportunity to provide safe and inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ travelers to the Florida region.

How can I become an OUTCOAST Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, you need to fill out an AMBASSADOR APPLICATION FORM. After a brief phone conversation and a discussion about your goals, interests, and community connections, we will decide together whether or not the Ambassador role is a good fit for you. If we determine that you are as excited as we are about this project, we will send you an Ambassador agreement and set you up for success with our marketing guide, tools for success, and paperwork to set up reward payments.

What are the requirements to become an Ambassador?

To become an Ambassador, you need to be over 18 years old, an LGBTQ community member or ally, and excited about the mission of OUTCOAST.

What do Brand Ambassadors do?

Brand Ambassadors have a love for networking and raise the awareness about marketing opportunities and services available through OUTCOAST. As Ambassadors, they closely communicate with business owners and marketing directors and invite them to learn more about OUTCOAST services via a casual introduction to an OUTCOAST representative. In addition, Ambassadors encourage anyone traveling to the area to reach out to OUTCOAST’s concierge team for assistance with their travel, event, and relocation plans. Ambassadors do their best and get rewarded for it!

I have submitted my Ambassador application, how long does it take until I hear back from OUTCOAST?

Our Owner will study your application carefully and contact you within 2 working days.

When can I start?

As soon as you sign your Ambassador agreement, submit your W9, and review your tools for success, you are welcome to get down to work!

What do I get out of this?

When you connect your Guest to an OUTCOAST representative, the OUTCOAST sales team will do the necessary work to turn your guest into a partner or purchaser. When this happens, you receive a 10% commission for the initial sale. During that first year of that new deal, if the Guest makes any additional purchases, you will receive a 5% commission. What’s more, during the second year you will still benefit and get 2% commission from each transaction of that same Guest. The more people you invite, the more you earn. As soon as your Guest(s) makes their first purchase, you will start earning money.

How do I receive my payment?

We pay via check. W9s are required for us to process your first payment. All payments will be made during the first week of the month for the prior month’s sales.

How is this job done?

It’s easy!! It all depends on your preferences and what you are best at. If you are an online guru, concentrate on social media and Internet marketing. If you have hundreds of friends, share OUTCOAST with them anytime at casual meetings, at parties, at work, wherever you are. If you belong to a chamber, introduce your business colleagues to an OUTCOAST marketing representative via an introductory email, Facebook message, LinkedIn message, or text message so we can help them begin to market their services to the LGBTQ community. If you have connections in the restaurant, resort, museum, sporting, or excursion industries, connect us via the same methods. You can always drop us a line and we will share our ideas with you.

Is there any contract?

We don’t like using the word contract, but there is nothing to lose, only gains! However, you’ll have to sign an OUTCOAST Ambassador Program Agreement.

What is a typical day of an Ambassador?

Although many work full time jobs of their own, OUTCOAST Ambassadors see every opportunity and use it. They talk to people, tell them about OUTCOAST, our values and advantages. We provide Ambassadors with shareable business cards which include the OUTCOAST mission statement to invite Guests to meet with an OUTCOAST representative. When Ambassadors see travelers, event hosts, or those relocating, they offer help if needed and tell them about OUTCOAST concierge services. We are available during every day to provide support to our ambassadors.

How to track the people I invited?

Until our system gets more sophisticated, we keep a detailed spreadsheet of our ambassadors and the Guests they bring us. We track the progress of these guests and the sales. At the end of the month, we tally those sales, calculate percentages, and send you a sales and commission total. It is highly encouraged that you track your guests as well. We want to make sure we don’t miss a thing so you can earn everything you deserve!

Does OUTCOAST support me?

Your success is a part of our success, so we are interested in supporting and providing real help to you through several channels. First, we’re here to answer your questions most day of the week and most hours of the day via text and phone. In addition, if you are a business owner yourself and have succeeded in bringing OUTCOAST more than $1,000 in revenue, you are eligible to start taking part in our marketing packages at NO COST to you!

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