Orlando’s Bid to Host WorldPride Shows Resilience

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Nearly three years ago, the Pulse Night Club shooting occurred and shook the country. In fact, people felt the impact of the shooting throughout the world. Today, the city shows strength and resilience with Orlando’s bid to host WorldPride in 2026, honoring the 10th Anniversary of the massacre. According to Ryan Gillespie from the Orlando Sentinel, the nonprofit Come Out for Pride made the bid.

If Orlando is chosen, the city could expect about one million people in attendance for the event. Although the city’s own annual pride event is quite popular, this international event would bring about five times more attendees.

In the past, WorldPride has taken place in Toronto, London, and Jerusalem. The first event took place in Rome in 2000. However, the US will soon be on that list. This year, the event will occur in New York City.

As of now, Orlando is the only bid for 2026. However, there is time for other cities to make a bid. The deadline isn’t until 2021.

If Orlando received the honor, the impact would be great. While the city would benefit from the economic effects of the worldwide event, the global LGBTQ community would also benefit. Hosting the event in the city that experienced a mass shooting would show the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ community.

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