Orlando Waits to See if NCAA Will Move Events Back to North Carolina


In 2016, the ACC moved their Football Championship game from North Carolina to Orlando, Florida in protest against North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 law, reports John W. Davis with My News 13.

Since North Carolina’s repeal of the bill, which forced transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth, the ACA and the NCAA are debating whether to return to the state.

Gina Duncan, director of Trans Equality for Equality Florida, is skeptical of the bill’s repeal. “What North Carolina has done is repeal a misguided transgender bathroom bill and replaced it with the inability for local cities and counties to pass LGBTQ protections.”

At the time of the repeal, another law restricting local governments from passing non-discrimination ordinances and leaving issues of bathrooms and locker rooms within state power was inserted into HB142.

Regarding the debate over keeping sporting events out of North Carolina, Duncan said, “Their loss we don’t want to be our gain, but it does send a signal to states all across our country that discrimination in any form should not be tolerated.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has stated that whatever the NCAA and ACA decide, Orlando will continue to bid for major sporting events, including NBA and NCAA games.

Read more on My News 13 here.

Written by Audrey Pitcher

Audrey Pitcher is a Media and Communications Studies major at Ursinus College. Ve is a board member of the Ursinus Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Ve also works as a writing fellow in the Center for Writing and Speaking, where ve helps fellow students improve their writing skills. Audrey was recently featured at Ursinus' Celebration Of Student Achievement for an essay on the mapping of femininity onto gay men in late 20th century theater.

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