Orlando LGBTQ Business Owners Celebrate City Council Resolution

Orlando LGBTQ business owners can rejoice. For the first time, a Florida city recognizes LGBT-certified businesses. According to the Orlando Sentinel, city officials passed a resolution that will benefit them. The city will build a registry and database of all LGBT-owned businesses within Orlando.

The registry will include businesses with a minimum of 51 percent ownership from LGBT individuals. With the registry, business owners could have a greater chance at success. They also can send a message to potential customers that they are accepting of alternative lifestyles.

Thanks to the resolution, LGBT business owners could have more opportunities. Over time, the city will monitor how frequently it makes contracts with LGBT businesses. Furthermore, they will offer the same opportunities for training and development that minorities currently receive.

The resolution does not allow LGBT businesses to have preferential treatment by the city. Although the city aims to give 18% of its goods and services contracts to minority businesses, they will not do the same for LGBT businesses.

The Mayor of Orlando was in full support of the resolution. Since he took office, he has been making strides for the LGBTQ community in the city. For instance, he was a champion for the domestic partner registry. This is another a step forward. It can have a positive impact on LGBT business owners throughout the city.

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