Messaging Allie Bot Improves Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


A bot named Allie may help companies fight microaggressions in the workplace, reports Karis Hustad for Chicago Inno.

Microaggressions are comments or actions by which someone reflects their unconscious biases towards a group of oppressed people.

These microaggressions are part of what inspired Emily Hsieh to co-found Lady Problems, the woman-focused “hackathon” where Allie was first created.

Hsieh explains, “There was never any massive issue, or any explicit ‘isms’, sexism or whatever. It was all death by a thousand paper cuts. It was, ‘Do you mind taking notes?’ or ‘Can you grab the coffee?’, or getting called aggressive.”

The problem with microaggressions is that, while they can be extremely harmful, those who experience them may hesitate to go to HR for fear of being labeled as “too sensitive.” Allie seeks to solve this problem by allowing employees to report microaggressions anonymously through an online messaging service.

These reports are then sent to the company’s HR, letting them gain a comprehensive picture of the company’s culture.

In addition to reporting microaggressions, Allie can also provide employees with information on how to deal with them in future situations.

While Allie is currently available for the business-focused messaging service Slack, its creators hope to launch it for other messaging programs in the future.

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