Maven Leadership Collective Creates Inclusive Leadership Opportunities

The Maven Leadership Collective is working to make nonprofit organizations more inclusive, reports Lynare Robbins for the South Florida Gay News. The group focuses on helping LGBTQ+ people of color gain more representation in the senior levels of nonprofits.

Corey Davis and Daniel Anzueto founded the Maven Leadership Collective, and now serve as the Executive Director and Board Chair, respectively. According to Davis, the advancement opportunities for people of color–especially LGBTQ+ people of color–have stagnated.

Says Davis, “we do not have the luxury of the status quo where meaningful inclusion and access to opportunity are not prioritized. Sustainable solutions will only come through innovation.”

To combat this status quo, they’ve created the Maven Leadership Cohort program: a free, 14-month course for Miami Dade and Broward county nonprofit workers and organizers. The program is designed to help a diverse group of individuals become more qualified and effective organizers.

Recently the Leadership Collective chose twelve individuals to participate in its next program. These organizers have diverse focuses, but according to Davis they all share one thing: “we were looking for people who are resilient, willing to learn, and have a clear vision for how they want to foster greater community engagement to become better equipped as nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs.”

Davis hopes that, through participating in the Cohort program, activists will gain networks and connections to South Florida and decide to work there long-term. Says Davis, “Miami is on the rise and we are betting on it having a bright future.”

Read the South Florida Gay News article here.

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