Guide to Planning an LGBTQ Honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Honeymoon

Weddings are fun, but they’re also work. Even the most relaxed of weddings has some type of ceremony to it, and is a stressful affair. It’s the honeymoon that’s truly magical and anxiety-free. An LGBTQ honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale could be the perfect way to celebrate your marriage, and this guide can help you plan for it.

Where to Stay

Men Only

Your hotel can make or break your LGBTQ honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re looking for men-only hotels, you have a few options. Pineapple Point Guest House and Resort is a luxurious resort nestled in a tropical oasis. Equipped with jacuzzis, hammocks, and a massage studio, the resort is ideal for those who want a relaxing honeymoon.

Another men-only option is the Grand Resort & Spa. It’s only a few steps away from the beach and boasts luxurious accommodations. If you’re interested in checking out the rainbow-studded Wilton Manors, this hotel is close enough for you to do that. For those with no budget, the Grand Penthouse offers an unforgettable stay that includes an ocean-view terrace, jacuzzi, and much more.

The Cabanas & Spa is the only men-only spa and guesthouse in Wilton Manors. Because of its convenient location, this guesthouse makes your honeymoon convenient. The accommodations have a European flair, and you can take advantage of their waterfront rooms. 

All-Inclusive Resorts

Regardless of your gender, there are some other places to honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale. For instance, B Ocean has a lot to offer. Throughout the years, the rich and famous have enjoyed staying at this resort. It’s modern, chic, and has a stunning beachside pool deck. The honeymoon suite is everything you want and more.

As an on-the-beach resort, the Marriott Courtyard Fort Lauderdale Beach is great for honeymoons. Located near Las Olas and all of its amazing dining and entertainment venues, this Marriot gives you the best of both worlds. You can relax with your spouse by the day, and enjoy the city at night. If you’re still looking for a wedding venue, you may want to check out their wedding packages.

Fort Lauderdale Celebrate You

Where to Eat

Whether you’re a foodie or you just want to enjoy a meal with a view, there are a few restaurants in Fort Lauderdale that belong on your honeymoon list. 


Take one look at this restaurant’s website or at pictures of their food, and you’ll know why we recommend Heritage. This upscale restaurant serves up pizza, pasta, and more. But they elevate every dish to something you could only get at a five star restaurant. The mushroom pizza and short rib panino are two popular dishes, and the menu is full of other impressive meals. As far as ambiance goes, this venue also delivers. It’s hip, modern, and romantic.

Casablanca Cafe

If there’s one word that describes the Casablanca Cafe, it’s “enchanting.” This Fort Lauderdale Beach restaurant has a romantic atmosphere and elegant entrees, such as Linguini Del Mar. The building itself is a treasure, as it’s an authentic two-story Spanish style home. Whether you dine inside or outside, you will enjoy the ambiance.

Rosie’s Bar & Grill

For those who want a romantic meal with the finest cuts of meat, Rosie’s Bar & Grill doesn’t meet the bill. But it still belongs on your list of restaurants to enjoy during your honeymoon. It’s a place you can proudly celebrate your marriage with no judgment. If you go for the Sunday brunch, you can enjoy good food along with great company. You’re bound to see some stunning drag queens and can enjoy Wilton Manors.

For more places to eat in Fort Lauderdale, visit our Where to Eat in South Florida Guide.

What to Do

There’s something for everyone in Fort Lauderdale! All of the following activities take your honeymoon to a whole new level:

Tropical Sailing: Cast Away the Day Sunset Cruise

Imagine watching the sails flow in the wind as you take in a sunset with your spouse. This upscale evening cruise gives you an interesting view of Fort Lauderdale, along with a romantic way to celebrate your marriage. Complete with a champagne toast, the sunset cruise is one of the best honeymoon activities in the area.

Keen Fly Helicopter Tour

A boat isn’t the only way to appreciate the sights of Fort Lauderdale with your loved one. Keen Fly offers helicopter tours that include traditional day and evening tours, as well as special event packages you can tailor to your honeymoon. 

Taste of Las Olas Food Tour

Why not explore some of Fort Lauderdale’s best cuisine with a food tour? Although not intended only for honeymooners, this tour is a memorable couples experience. In a few hours, you can taste food from the hidden gems of the area. 

Couples Massage

When it comes to a couples massage, you can’t get more luxury than the AWAY spa at the W Hotel. The acclaimed Fort Lauderdale hotel has a spa with incredible amenities, and the fourth floor location of the spa gives you an amazing view. If you book a couples massage, you can expect an experience that will take your honeymoon to a whole new level.

What to Bring on Your LGBTQ Honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re not prepared, your honeymoon could be a flop. No matter how luxurious your hotel might be, it can’t make up for coming unprepared. Consider packing these items with you to enhance your honeymoon:

Sand Free Beach Blanket

Although you probably plan on relaxing in your resort’s chairs while sipping daiquiris, you should still pack a beach blanket. This sand free beach blanket folds up small and you can spread it out wherever your honeymoon takes you. 

Massage Oil

While you might want to enjoy a massage in a spa on your honeymoon, there’s nothing like a massage from your new spouse. Be sure to pack this massage oil, which features the relaxing scent of lavender. 

Action Camera

There’s a good chance your honeymoon will involve some moments you want to remember forever. And your smartphone won’t be able to capture those memories the way this action camera will. Because many of your adventures will probably be in or near the water, this waterproof action camera is a must-have. 

Towel Bandit Beach Towel Holder

Don’t you just hate when that beach towel slips off of your beach chair just when you’re getting comfy? Well then “strap it on to keep it up” with this uniquely designed Towel Bandit beach towel holder. These convenient, stretchable straps will keep your towel snug on your chair. So if you’re balancing drinks and sitting down to relax, you don’t need a third hand to hold the towel.

What Else You Should Know

It’s not hard to make a honeymoon in Fort Lauderdale memorable. Whether you spend your time together on the beach or participating in adventures, you probably won’t be disappointed. As an oasis for LGBTQ couples, the area is one of the few places you can celebrate your marriage without getting any strange looks or judgmental glares. 

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