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Real estate trends

Is St Pete Ready for This? 

The big news in St. Pete this past month has been the announcement that a proposed 50-story tower is going to be built on the site of the old “cheese grater” building. That building has since been torn down, and a nice green space sits at Central Avenue and Fourth Street, where the tower would be built. (Many newcomers to town often mistake it for a park.)

But almost as soon as it was announced, critics began to decry it, fearing it would alter the vibe of the ‘Burg. That led Tampa Bay Times business columnist Graham Brink to stage a reality check with a column that touted all the reasons why the tower would be good for the city.

Meanwhile, a few days later came the announcement that a Marriott Autograph hotel would be going in the tower if or when it gets built. Stay tuned.

Other Real Estate Trends

The Tampa Bay area continues to be a destination spot for buyers and builders alike. Here are some of the top real estate stories from the past month.

  • Hmmm, what to get the wife for a 15th wedding anniversary? How about a $16.5 million mansion by the sea? The home was once owned by former Phillies star Ryan Howard and is the most expensive house ever sold in the Tampa Bay area. Check out some of the features in this photo gallery.
  • Now that the 41-story ONE tower is built out and buyers are closing on their units, the developers are turning their attention to a new parcel of land near the downtown Hilton. They also have a parcel on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa that they’re building on as well.
  • A big lawsuit battle is playing out in the quirky Driftwood neighborhood of St. Pete over plans to make it a historical district.
  • Speaking of lawsuits, that Blue Lotus/Bezu project just off Beach Drive isn’t going away quietly, even though the City Council has rejected the project twice.
  • Watch for news in the coming months about development of the land where the old St. Petersburg Police Department sits.
  • The city’s seemingly insatiable appetite for apartments is not abating anytime soon. Both Kenwood and North St. Pete have buildings up or plans on the table.

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Written by Anne Glover

Anne Glover is a former editor who spent 33 years in various roles at the Tampa Bay Times. She lives with her wife, Renee Celli, in St. Petersburg's Old Northeast neighborhood, where she is known as "The Running Woman" because of her daily runs along the waterfront. She enjoys golf and discovering new restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. She writes the Keeping It Real newsletter for Team Celli Real Estate.

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