How and Where to Throw the Ultimate Gay Pool Party

gay pool party don cesar

Nothing says upscale in the sun than a chic gay pool party. I’m sure you’ve attended one of these epic affairs.

Here at OutCoast, we believe that the more pool parties the better since our year-round gorgeous weather means a possible dip at any time.

Here’s our list of all the best places to host your next gay pool party extravaganza.

Not Just Any Pool Party…A Gay Pool Party

Now, we aren’t talking about chips and dip and some pool noodles. A proper gay pool party is an EVENT. You’re coming to be seen and to see the beautiful people.

So, what makes a regular pool party a fabulous gay pool party? Let’s check out the basics of the anatomy of a gay pool party.

Obtain a Gorgeous Venue

If you don’t have a sprawling beachfront mansion you need a venue that gives people that same feeling of luxury. The places on this list are going to help you complete this step so let’s move on.

Hire The Hottest Bartenders You Can Find

Another distinct separation between a pool party and a fabulous and incredible gay pool party is the plentiful amounts of booze. Not only the booze but the incredibly handsome men serving said booze.

Preferably shirtless with muscles rippling, bartenders for this party should be HOT!

gay pool party floats

Ridiculous Floatation Devices for Grammable Moments

Who doesn’t want to pose on top of a floating rainbow unicorn or a pink sprinkle donut?

Set the stage for a social sensation with all the amazing Instagram photos your guests will be taking on top of these amazing props.

The Proper Guest List

Every party needs a guest list and you want to make sure the list is on point for an epic gay pool party.

The first people that should make the list are friends who love to be seen and show off. These will be the party starters and make your event better. Mix them in all the rest of your fun friends and things will be sure to get awesome right away.

You want everyone to have fun and not depend on you for everything, so having some loose cannons in the crowd will keep the party going and the pressure off your shoulders.

Don’t Forget to Feed People

With all the focus on alcohol and fun and hot bartenders, don’t forget to feed people. Consider light snacks to munch on so nothing is too cumbersome around the pool.

Finger foods are best for a pool party because they lend themselves to grab and go and are only a few bites. Instead of a food table that could get wet, consider passed appetizers to come out in waves throughout the event.

This way, the food doesn’t get ruined and no one is starving at the end of the party. This also helps to avoid overindulgence in the drinks.

Now, onto the venues!

The Don Cesar Beach Pavillion

The iconic pink hotel, and OutCoast partner, has an incredible space for fun in the sun and water too. 

Their beach pavilion is conveniently located between the softly lapping waves of the Gulf of Mexico and their pristine blue pool. Your guests will have their pick of fresh or saltwater while they drink and play.

Enjoy the sunshine of St. Petersburg in the lap of luxury at the Don Cesar. Contact their booking department to inquire about hosting your party at the beach pavilion.

The wtr Pool and Grill Inside The Godfrey Hotel Tampa Bay

This luxury pool already hosts a number of weekly late-night events. It’s a gorgeous venue that draws celebrities and all the beautiful people.

The pool is available for bookings of private events and they also have delicious food. With private cabanas and poolside service, this is a great place to soak up the sun and have a blast.

Grand Orlando Resort at Celebration

This gay-friendly resort in Orlando has hosted many epic LGBTQ focused pool parties and other events. 

Their pools are second to none and they are no strangers to helping you plan for a great time. Their picturesque pool is lagoon-like with waterfalls and a unique shape. There’s plenty of room for all your guests.

There’s a grotto underneath the waterfall to sit and enjoy your drink with some privacy while staying cool. Contact them here for booking.

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista

Another great choice in Orlando, the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista resort hosted a number of pool parties during the Orlando Gay Days celebrations.

Their sprawling pool has fun shower like water features and a beautiful hot tub to soak in and chat while enjoying your beverage.

With tons of rooms for guests and music this is an awesome venue for a phenomenal pool party. View their latest deals here.

The Venue Is Key to an Epic Florida Gay Pool Party

We hope this breakdown on how and where to host your next gay pool party is helpful for your event. Remember to pack extra sunscreen and keep the alcohol flowing to make it a party no one is soon to forget. And don’t forget to remind guests to Lyft or Uber home…or better yet, to book a hotel room. Safety First!

Between the sun, sand, swimming, and sensational relaxation, Florida has the pool party game on lock. 

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