Gulfport LGBTQ Resource Center Established as Independent Non-Profit

LGBTQ Resource Center
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GULFPORT, FLORIDA: The LGBTQ Resource Center at Gulfport Public Library has announced its establishment as an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Begun in 2014, the Resource Center has until now operated as a project of the non-profit Circle of Friends of the Gulfport Public Library.  The Resource Center started with a donation of hundreds of LGBTQ-themed books to the Library and in the past five years has evolved to include not only a 4000+ volume library collection, but also a collection of digital resources and a significant provider of events and programs to the LGBTQ community, its family and friends, including guest speakers, films, exhibits, performances and more.

Daniel Hodge, a founding member of the Resource Center, has served as the Chair through its significant expansion. Patty Callaghan, the other founding member still serving, is part of the committee that recently created a $1000 scholarship to help a Gulfport student continue their education. Both plan to continue to serve on the new nonprofit Board.  Officers elected to the new Board are Susan Gore, Chair; and William Ward, Treasurer.  Other Board members are Brittany Baldwin, Nichole Morales, Alison Solomon and Greg Stemm.

Further information about the library’s LGBTQ Resource Center can be found at www.mygulfport.us/lgbtq-resources.

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