Florida Gulf Coast University Student Fights Hate With Bagpipes

Florida Gulf Coast University
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Florida Gulf Coast University Student Brice Ehmig brought a unique weapon to bear against a homophobic hate preacher, reports LGBTQ Buzz. As he shouted into a megaphone that LGBTQ+ individuals would be doomed to an eternity of damnation and compared homosexuality to bestiality, she played merrily on a set of bagpipes nearby.

Ehmig is a lesbian, and says the preacher singled her out several times for her gay relationship while condemning homosexuality at the Fort Myers school. This time, she decided to fight back. A video recorded of the scene shows her following the man as he attempts to move away from her, all the better to drown out his vitriol.

She ran through a quick repetoire of classic bagpipe tunes, including “Scotland the Brave” and “Amazing Grace.” She seemed unperturbed by the preacher’s attempts to condemn her, and when she finished her impromptu recital she was met with cheers and applause from those nearby.

Watch the video and read the LGBTQ Buzz article here.

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