Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival

Event Details

The Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival is back for its 5th year…

The Themed Food Truck / Trailer / Tent event covers every bit of Chocolate… as vendors must stick to a Chocolate Theme.

Both Sweet and Savory is represented!

The Festival also boasts Live Entertainment both audio & visual.

For more info & Vendor list

Food Vendor List (still populating, subject to change):
Mad Beach Chocolates
Dulce Dough
Salexajay’s Cupcakes
Wonderland Desserts
Oopsie Daisy Sweets
Mini Mouthful
Amy’s Spot
Mmmm Delicious Cupcakes
Dude Pancakes
Chazito’s Latin Cuisine (Georgia)
Horhay’s Mac and Cheez
Heavenly Delicious Foods
Rockstar Lobster
Shanny’s Sugar Shack
Edward’s Kool Kreations
The Bacon Boss
Creative Mixology
Skoops Italian Ice
Leslie ‘s Lemonade
Softee The King
Roving Chef Logistics
Engine 53 Pizza
Howdy Doodles Ice Cream Coach
Philly T’s Po’boys and Cheesesteak
Sweets Illustrated
Cut From A Different Table
Gaia Donuts
Cool Bananas
Nana Nifi’s New England Beef & Seafood
Riddle on The Griddle
Mission Tacos
Boardwalk Vibes
Hott Mess
Lucky Penny Bakery
Tree Dog Roots

Market Vendors:
Trichom Health Center
Color Street
Tasty Releaf
Blissful Whiffs by Leah
High Five Pet Treats
Prisca Art Henna
MJ Natural Resources
Trades of Hope
Pure Romance by Brittni Musard
Hamberger Gardens
Donevette’s Confections
A.J. Cigars
Wycked Jewels
Lily Rose Jewelry
3 Bears Body Care
Lipsense by Senegence
I Pop Gourmet Popcorn
Monarch Home Studio
Beryl’s Bracelets
OgZ Dezigns
Glitzed Custom

For Vendor and Sponsor info contact: generationfoodtruck@gmail.com

We are gonna go ahead and get this out of the way now, so no one is disappointed..

This is a THEMED FOOD TRUCK event…

The Food Trucks and Vendors will have their NORMAL items AS WELL AS specialty items , using Coco as the main ingredient.

There are in fact many dedicated Chocolate Vendors… however, this is not just the same Chocolate event that everyone else throws..

We do our own thing.

This event AVERAGES around 20k attendees , and that goes up every year ..

If you show up at the end of the day.. you run the risk of food running out. Food Trucks can only hold so much.

Food Trucks are not fast food. Food takes the time to cook that it takes. Keep in mind trucks normally have 1 or 2 cooks, and 1 person taking orders. If patience isnt your thing… we are sure McDonalds has some fake chocolate down the road that will be in your hand in about 20 seconds.

Please plan on having fun.

If you plan on just coming to critique an event, please don’t bother. We prefer happy attendees, that are tolerant of everyone.

People that come on the event page to be rude will be banned from the page.

The event is free to Enter.

There are food options for everyone, vegetarian, gluten free, keto, paleo, Pescatarian, and maybe even Pesca-Pescatarian…

The event is pet friendly, however , you will still need to bring whatever you need to take care of said pet.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at generationfoodtruck@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone for the love, patience, and understanding… we hope to make this years Tampa Bay Chocolate Festival better than ever!

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