Equality Florida Unveils New Logo In Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

Equality Florida
Equality Florida

According to a recent press release from Equality Florida, the organization has “unveiled a new new logo celebrating the organization’s 20th Anniversary.”

The “new logo reflect[s] the future of organizing in a state poised to lead the South in creating a welcoming and inclusive place to live, work and visit.”

Founded in 1997, Equality Florida hopes their new logo depicts their movement forward, beyond marriage equality initiatives. The organization intends to focus on the “advancement of equality for the LGBTQ community” and “securing Florida’s place as a magnet for diverse talent, and a place that is welcoming to all people.”

“Florida has been a trailblazer in the South and we believe that our state can lead the way when it comes to legal protection, safe schools, confronting hate violence and ending the obstacles to equality and justice of LGBTQ people in this bellwether state,” said Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida.

“In unveiling our logo, we want to invite all fair-minded Floridians to stand with us until no person, young or older, from any corner of our state, ever faces persecution or discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression,” added Pollitzer, Deputy Director of Equality Florida.

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Written by Rachel Covello

Rachel Covello is an award-winning speaker, writer, diversity consultant, and LGBT advocate. She is the Founder of LGBT Equality Alliance, a Chester County, PA nonprofit organization, and CEO of OUTCOAST, an online marketing and concierge platform marketing the Gulf Coast as an LGBTQ-inclusive place to VISIT, CELEBRATE, and LIVE.

Rachel is also an avid event photographer and has captured photos for LGBT organizations around the world, including the IGLTA, NGLCC, NLGJA, and Out & Equal.

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