Dunedin Wants Key West Style for Stadium Restoration

Dunedin Stadium

Dunedin Stadium and the Vanech Recreation Complex will be going through a major restoration project. According to Mark Schantz with the Tampa Bay Newspapers, the Dunedin Commission wants the restoration plans to reflect a Key West style in the design.

On November 8, the City Commission met and discussed the plans. They suggested using yellow and white colors on the facade, which is reminiscent of the Keys. As far as the design features go, they want to see more trellises, slats, and overhangs.

Although locals are excited about the project, the planning stage has not been easy. As general manager of the Dunedin Blue Jays explained,  the project involves hours of phone calls and site tours. Now, the project is starting to move forward. Plans for the amenities include a tiki hut, kids zone, and indoor bar. Additionally, plans include more dining choices and an area for food trucks.

Although the new stadium will be different, the designs maintain the intimacy of the venue. With seats closer to the field, the stadium will allow visitors to get close to the excitement.

Currently, the plans for the stadium put the project over the allocated budget. However, the number is only an estimate and is likely on the high side. They are still finalizing the plans, and the estimated cost could change.

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