Drag Performers Go Virtual In The Wake of Coronavirus

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In Florida, COVID-19 has put nearly 1,000 drag performers out of work. Bars and restaurants were traditionally venues for drag shows and are currently either take-out only or closed due to health concerns. 

One creative queen invented a solution. Daphne and Friends: The Socially Distant Drag Show allows performers to go live on instagram.  This drag show performance plays out in your living room. 

The Show

“When everything started hitting the fan, the bars started closing down and everybody was laid off from their jobs. A lot of my really good friends became unemployed,” said Daphne Ferraro, show hostess and emcee at Enigma in St. Petersburg. “As a show director, I felt it was my obligation, duty and privilege to put something together and help girls where I could.”

Daphne reached out on social media to see who among her many friends would be interested in joining her show.  Volunteers around the country flooded in, including performers from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

On her Facebook page, Daphne writes about the event, “Join Daphne Ferraro, and 8 of her friends, on a fantastic adventure from the comfort (and safety) of your own living room. Giggle with the gals as they catch up and kiki and watch them as they each display their talents live for the third week running. Live singing, dancing, fierce makeup and comedy all night long.”


The show posts online venues to tip the performers.  Many remain out of work and the money is enough to give a little hope.

You can tip the entertainers through Venmo or CashApp and support these service industry/entertainment industry employees in their time of need.

Tune In

Simply follow @DaphneFerraroTall on Instagram and follow her live story and tune in LIVE at 9:30 p.m. every Friday. Daphne does “not believe in ‘drag time’, so expect this shit to start on time. :)”

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