Developer Releases Renovation Plans for Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club

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A Naples icon, the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club could undergo some major changes. According to reporter Laura Layden from the Naples Daily News, the Athens Group released their plans for the popular ocean-side resort. The Naples attraction could change drastically.

For over seven decades, the resort has been a Naples attraction for tourists from all over the world. The renovation would involve tearing down the hotel and rebuilding a smaller resort. In addition to rebuilding the new hotel, the developer plans on building luxury towers along both ends of Gulf Shore Boulevard.

The plans would limit meeting space at the hotel. They do not call for any major changes to the golf course. However, the plans do include a renovation of the hotel’s restaurant. When it reopens, the restaurant will remain open to the public.

Although there would be some significant changes to the resort, the CEO of the Athens Group affirms that it would still be the same Naples Beach Hotel.  The Mayor of Naples supports the changes and has not heard any complaints about the proposed plan.

The plans have yet to be approved. In the future, the Design Review Board will meet to vote on the plans. After that, they need to make it through the Planning Advisory Board ad the Naples City Council.

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