Dalí Museum Expansion Seeks $17.5 Million

Dali Museum

One of the major attractions in St. Petersburg is the Salvador Dalí Museum. Due to its popularity, the museum is now planning for a large expansion. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the museum applied for $17.5 million of tax money to go towards the Dalí Museum expansion plans.

The money will go towards a physical expansion as well as a digital one. With the expansion, there will be a new parking garage and 20,000 square feet of space for exhibits and community space. The new exhibits will use augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Although the museum is requesting over $17 million, the whole project will require an estimated $38 million. Approximately $30 million will be construction expenses. For the request to be approved, the Pinellas County Commission must agree to it.

The museum went through a similar expansion in the past. In 2011, the museum opened a new building that was twice the size of the original structure. The new building also was more hurricane-proof than the first.

Every year, the museum attracts as many as 450,000 visitors. According to the museum’s petition for funds, about 75% of the visitors are tourists. After the expansion, the museum predicts to gain about 900,000 visitors. They expect the expansion and new exhibits to draw more families and children.

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