Best LGBT Entertainment on the Space Coast

Entertainment in this lovely region is abundance. From restaurants to bars to nightclubs, you can easily find plenty of places to feel right at home in the 904. This community is one that likes to gather together and stay active. They appreciate everything from soul to smiling divas to jazz over coffee. So, if you’re looking to visit Florida’s Space Coast in the next few months, you’ll want to check out our list of Best Entertainment.


Musicians on the First Coast want you to know that they welcome everyone. Their charisma is thrilling and performances are uniting. Their smiles and passion are more than just locally their own. They are unforgettable. They enjoying hosting event nights of “living in color” and spreading their pride to genres galore within the community.

Lyriq Tye, Tae Datea, and Big Sexy represent Boss Ross entertainment at venues like Fireman Hall and Duval Pride. Supa Dave also lights up the Duval Pride stage with his solid tunes. “Santana on the Beat” and the “Hair Physician” frequently make special appearances and let the community know they are together as one. People gather and dance, sing, and mingle all within this beautiful community.

Other musicians not to miss in the area are Tip Khaos, Poetic Stylez, Shy Blessing, Naybae, and Jayne Doe. They perform at 1955 Phoenix. The funky beats keep your feet and body moving. Hip hop, rap and soul all blend when TrapSOUL therapy comes together each time they do an “It’s My Write” Edition. Go down, grab a seat by the hookah, and enjoy a night with the good vibes. Rogue, Jermeka Mona, Naki, Alaisa& Wileout are definitely noteworthy as well for their community appearances.


The beautiful thing about the drag community in this region is its’ diversity. Jax and the surrounding areas allow you to take in classic divas, Latina flair, dance queens and so much more. Their costumes and makeup are on point. Their hair is fabulous and they will delight your heart with their pizzaz.

If you enjoy drag, there are truly some sensational local stars in the 904. The Lady Marissa and Alexis G. Sherrington light up the room with their glitz and glamour. Marissa shows off her lovely feather ensembles and Alexis sports the jewels. Marci Mogul dazzles the audience with her sashay. Gizzelle Cliché and the Lady Ming also join these sensational stars at Metro, Duval Pride and more. Jayla Roxx, Siren, and Charlamaine Monroe can also be seen for Thirsty Thursdays at Metro Bar.


DJ’s in Jax are no exception to the Florida rule of high quality. One of the local event groups bills this area as “we always want to turn up; but let’s turn it down the right way.” This region knows how to throw excellent parties with phenomenal DJ’s at the helm of it all. Vibe away with the ones and twos.

DJ JD3 and DJ ON-Q are regulars at Truth Entertainment Complex. They are on a roll and deliciously lovely. They bring house, top hits and more to the floor. “Be Heard” on their NDE Radio. DJ Ladiesman pairs with T.M.M.G. group to host regular fashion shows. Tunes blend with threads at their regular “Taste the Rainbow” fashion shows. Hairstylists also appear and tune-in with the musicians.


Jacksonville is no stranger to comedy. In fact, they perfect it in all forms. You can see comedy in quick form in a style known as “hot potato”. There is also a wonderful collective group of comedians that produce shows together. You will not be short of any laughter when visiting the Jacksonville area.

Hot Potato Comedy of Jacksonville does regular shows. They bring in names from around the country but also invite many local favorites to perform. Doug Stanhope & Friends also holds events regularly. Brendon Walsh, Chris Buck, and Brian Zeolla take stage at the Hourglass Pub.  Christina Shriver Cunninghame also appears with Hot Potato Comedy and venues throughout the area.


The 904 is sultry and sassy. In fact, this region has its own social media society for all things sultry. They love to unite and support a cause. From the doors of small venues and intimate experiences, the area produces iconic entertainment that is always full of surprises.

Jadynn Star performs for Coast to Coast Cabaret. A frequent local production group producing Boylesque is called Make It Rain Productions. Blending country and other genres, this production is a truly special affair. Izzy A’Mon and Hecate Queen of Witches also make regular appearances. Their friends Cindi TV and Heavy Cream also bring out the best in “bearded lady” burlesque.

Punk Rock Burlesque brings out the darker side of things on the regular. SaltAer delights the locals with acrobatic prowess. The Glitterbomb Show is also a major staple in the community. For those enjoying a blend of burlesque and Indy music, catch the entertainment collective group Duval Folx. They bring a truly special blend of entertainment to the area.

See What You’ve Been Missing on the Space Coast

Whoever said big names meant the best talent clearly never visited the First Coast. For some truly stunning experiences and unforgettable vibes, join up with the locals in this area.  The unprecedented entertainment will remind you of the same vibe as Key West. We are all truly part of one human family.

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Written by Johnathan Soots

Hailing from North Carolina, Jonathan Soots relocated to Orlando in 2001. He began a seven year career with Universal Orlando. After completing high school, he attended college in Tennessee. He worked in the church world and then came out in 2010. Around this time, he completed a Masters in Teaching. Jonathan presently teaches for Tutor Doctor, Challenge Island and Qkids English Learning. Travel is his favorite activity, and he has worked briefly for an LGBT travel company. In addition to enjojying Atlantis gay cruises, he and his husband Stephen enjoy spending time with their silky terrier Dusty. They live in the South Pasadena area of St. Petersburg.

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