Disney World isn’t only for the kids. There are a few adult Disney World attractions that appeal to those who are over 21, but still young at heart. According to Ken Story from Creative Loafing, Disney has plans for a Beauty and the Beast attraction that is only for adults.

The attraction isn’t a ride or a park. Rather, it’s a bar located in the Grand Floridian. The plans aren’t yet set in stone, but there are rumors that the Mizner Lounge will be replaced by a Beauty and the Beast bar.

The rumors also claim that both Mizner’s and Commander Porter’s will close to make room for the bar. Unlike the current bar, the new one will have an outdoor area. If the rumors are correct, Mizner’s will become the library of the classic movie. There will be fireplaces and comfortable couches. In the space that is now Commander Porter’s, there will be a ballroom area. Meanwhile, the outside area will be the dark forest. In total, there will be about 140 seats and multiple beverage staff team members.

Although the new bar has nothing to do with the Grand Floridian, Disney doesn’t always make sense. There are inconsistencies throughout the park. However, that doesn’t take away from the magic of the park. You can enjoy this and other adult Disney World attractions.

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