The Tampa Bay area is a combination of gorgeous beaches, amazing entertainment, fabulous homes, and countless vacation spots. As we approach 2018, consider these top 6 reasons to make Tampa your next home.

  1. Location, Location, Location!

Tampa is in the perfect location with quick access to top beaches in Clearwater and Sarasota while also providing easy access to world famous destinations like Disney World in Orlando. Living in Tampa allows each weekend outing to vary in a way that makes daily living seem like a constant vacation. Tampa is located in the middle of Florida, so residents can also easily get away to any of the state’s other beaches or vacation destinations within a few hours.

  1. The Housing Market is Hot

Tampa is one of the top places in the nation to buy or sell a home currently! Home values are strong and mortgage interest rates are still low, allowing a win-win situation when looking to sell or buy. To top it off, the Tampa Bay area offers an amazing mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas making it easy for all people to find somewhere comfortable to call home.

  1. Work Life Balance

Tampa is on the list for top cities in many leading industries. Technology, healthcare, education, and so many other industries are thriving here, allowing job seekers to find plenty of options to support life outside of work hours. When Tampa residents are off the clock, the amazing art, entertainment, restaurant, and family fun options provide the needed balance complimented by the sunshine and warmth throughout the year.

  1. Diversity is Key

In Tampa, all people are welcome! The city boasts a rich history highlighted by Cuban immigrants in Ybor City and the Tampa Hotel built in the 1890s transformed into a part of the picturesque University of Tampa campus. You will hear countless languages spoken in Tampa, and you can find authentic cuisine from across the world. The LGBTQ+ community has a vibrant presence here, and a strong balance of young families and retirees from across the country combine to build a thriving city where everyone feels at home.

  1. Affordability is a Reality

Tampa is a growing city, but the cost of living has remained steady, allowing for vacation visitors and local residents to enjoy the benefits of the city all year long. Tampa is home to world class entertainment, accommodations, conferences, and more, all at a price that everyone can afford. There are also tax benefits like the Homestead Exemption for home owners, that lowers the taxable value of one’s home, keeping monthly mortgage payments at very reasonable rates.

  1. Sunshine is the Best Medicine

Tampa residents enjoy winters with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and sunshine that fills most of the days. Living in Sunshine State is brought to life in Tampa with access to outdoor activities like canoeing on rivers fed from fresh water springs to biking on the nation’s longest sidewalk along the beautiful Tampa Bay. At the end of the day, you can find countless happy hour specials on outdoor patios and sunsets on the beach no matter what month it is. In the end, life in Tampa can be whatever you desire!

As 2017 comes to an end and you set your goals for 2018, consider Tampa as a place too good for you to miss!