Collier County Public School Asked to Change Trans Student Policies

At GLSEN’s annual ally night, LGBTQ+ advocates asked for changes to Collier County Public School’s policies on transgender students, reports Annika Hammerschlag for the Naples Daily News.

Currently, the district deals with transgender student concerns on a “case by case” basis. However, CCPS psychologist Jana Csenger, who cofounded Collier’s chapter of GLSEN, worries this is not an adequate solution.

She believes “[the current policy] does not provide consistency for our kids and it does not give guidance to our administrators.” Instead, she would like to institute district-wide policies allowing transgender students to use facilities such as bathrooms that match their gender, rather than the sex they were assigned at birth.

She would also like to create opportunities for school faculty members to receive training on interacting with LGBTQ+ students, which she says GLSEN would provide to the schools for free.

Collier County has a reputation for being conservative, and its GLSEN chapter was only founded last year. However, Csenger seems hopeful. According to her, “the district will do what is comfortable and what they can do safely, and that’s OK. But sometimes change needs a little push.”

Perhaps a sign of positive change, the city of Naples in Collier County had its first Pride event this summer, and a student at Naples High went viral for her Twitter post about coming out as gay and being her true self.

Read the Naples Daily News article here.

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