Businesses Write Brief Encouraging Supreme Court to Take Title IX Gay Rights Case

Supreme Court

Seventy-six businesses and organizations have banded together to urge the Supreme Court to take a gay rights case, and to rule that federal employment discrimination law Title IX applies to both sexual orientation and sex, reports NBC News.

These organizations drafted a brief pressuring the court to rule on a Georgia case in which a gay hospital security officer claims she was fired for having short hair and wearing a men’s uniform. Two Florida sports teams, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Heat, signed off on the brief, as did prominent corporations like Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Starbucks.

The brief states, “Businesses’ first-hand experiences — supported by extensive social-science research — confirm the significant costs for employers and employees when sexual orientation discrimination is not forbidden by a uniform law, even where other policies exist against such discrimination.”

The specific point under debate is whether the clause “because of… sex” in federal nondiscrimination law Title IX applies to a person’s sexual orientation or just their biological sex. President Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stated that it applies to both, but the Trump administration takes the view that it only applies to the latter.

A federal appeals court in Chicago provided precedent for ruling that the law applies to sexual orientation. However, several other courts have ruled against this interpretation.

Read the NBC News story here.

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